GA Shaker + ® 2.0

The magnetic # all-rounder bottle from the TV, which is already inspiring 150,000+ people worldwide!

Smartphone & towel holder

Card holder



GA SHAKER is known from numerous shows and magazines, convince yourself of the unique features of the GA Shaker + ® 2.0

<transcy>GA SHAKER + Community</transcy>

My towel and cell phone are no longer flying around on the floor! Much more hygienic and also practical for watching tutorials on the mat at home.

<transcy>Lea K. | Verified purchase ✓</transcy>

This is really a great thing, it really solves problems that everyone knows from training.

<transcy>Sven R. | Verified purchase ✓</transcy>

My iPhone holds on to the shaker perfectly, even with a thick leather cover. Then the shaker with the second magnet is attached to the fridge, it also holds the bomb - never again the cell phone with recipes on the work surface, cool!

<transcy>Pascal H. | Verified purchase ✓</transcy>

I use the GA shaker for calisthenics and freeletics. The shaker is great for this, as the smartphone can be attached directly to the post of the pull-up bar using a shaker and the towel is also attached.

<transcy>Leon M. | Verified purchase ✓</transcy>

Conclusion after three months of use:
There is no need to constantly bend down for the bottle, it is held by a magnet on the device.
Comfortable handle.

<transcy>Marvin U. | Verified purchase ✓</transcy>

When unpacking, I immediately noticed the great workmanship. The clasp holds very well. The lid is easy to open and close. But most important ... NO China plastic smell when opening.

<transcy>Elena S. | Verified purchase ✓</transcy>

It's like a Swiss Army knife for training. I use it as a water dispenser during training and as a shaker after training and at home.

<transcy>Matthias R. | Verified purchase ✓</transcy>

This shaker is simply ingenious, once used and there is no other option. Training is much more fun because thanks to its magnets you can attach it anywhere and the mobile phone has a safe place on the shaker.

<transcy>Berna Y. | Verified purchase ✓</transcy>


Only available for a short time!

Ideal for your outdoor training.

Always keep an eye on your home workout.

Ready for every meeting.