GA+ Liquid Chalk

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he GA+ Liquid Chalk is a liquid that is applied to the hands to improve grip strength and prevent sweating.
  •  Perfect Grip: GA+ Liquid Chalk is liquid chalk and the ideal companion when you need a better grip on your hands during sports. Strength training, Calisthenics, Powerlifting, Quads, Climbing, Bouldering or Pole Dance are only small areas of application where you can increase your performance through a better grip.
  •  Application: Put a small portion (about the size of 10 cents) of our quick-drying liquid in the palms of your hands, rub it in and let it dry briefly. Within seconds ready to go (After use, you can easily wash it off with a little soapy water) Shake well before use!
  •  Dust-free: Many gyms ask their customers to avoid using normal magnesia because they want to avoid chalk marks on their equipment. GA Liquid Chalk remains on the hands after drying.
  •  Scope of delivery: 1x bottle of GA Liquid Chalk 50 ml including snap hook
 GA + Liquid Chalk is not for oral use.
 GA + Liquid Chalk is not suitable for children and pregnant women.
 We recommend testing for allergic reactions and applying GA Liquid Chalk to a small area of skin at first. Do not apply to wounded areas of the skin.
 Ingredients: alcohol, magnesium, carbonate, thickener and fragrance.
 Thanks to the snap hook, our small Liquid Chalk bottle can be comfortably attached to the GA Shaker+ 2.0, so you always have your GA Liquid Chalk handy and thus always have the perfect grip for a better performance.